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 2013 - Mike Becker's Engine Pull

May 19th, 2013

My engine failed at the 2013 POCA Fun Rally in Phoenix.  The diagnosis on site at the Fun Rally was without a doubt, a rod knocking.  Or so we thought.  Here's what we found inside when we finally got around to pulling the engine for the post mortem...

Looks like my engine ate something that didn't agree with it.  No idea what it was.  Major damage was to #8, but there was damage elsewhere too.  Everything was fine in the engine prior to this event.  I am not aware of anything being dropped in the carb????  We didn't find any missing pieces from the top end.  The engine had about 40,000 miles on it.  It was a:

 - Coast High Performance 377C 'Street Fighter', balanced and blueprinted (Cleveland)

 - Boss 351C 4V iron heads

 - 11:1 compression ratio

 - Crower roller rockers

 - Miloden valves

 - Cam: Custom grind from Elgin Cams, 238/244 duration @ .050, .571"/.585" lift, 108 lc

 - Edlebrock Performer and Holley 650 Double Pumper


#8 Combustion Chamber:

#8 Piston:

#8 Cylinder Walls:

One of the lifters was domed and one of the roller rockers had a flattened roller.  I don't think the lifter and roller rocker were on the same valve:

#1 No Damage:

#2  No Damage:

#3  Minor Head and Piston Damage:

#4 Moderate Head and Piston Damage:

#5 No Head Damage, Minor Piston Damage:

#6 No Head Damage, Minor Piston Damage

#7 No Head Damage, Trace Piston Damage: