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Interesting and or fun downloads.  Have you got something that you think the club might like?  Send it to mailto:webmaster@sandiegopanteras.com and we'll try to put it up.

What Size


Carshow on the new Pantera 2011 110kb Downloads/carshow.amr
Adobe Acrobat Reader 27mb Adobe.exe
Original Pantera Dealer Video 81 mb (big one) Dealer Video.wmv
Sixty Minutes segment from 1985 on the Lamborghini Countach - Be patient this is a really big file, so download might take a while. 67.6 mb (big one) 60 Minutes Countach Segment
Swedish Pantera dude Bjorn Carapi on a Swedish automotive show 14.7 mb Bjorn's Pantera
One bad sounding Pantera 633k PanteraSound
Various videos from the 2006 POCA Fun Rally Track Event and Car Show


7.1 mb Car_Show_-_Nice_Car_With_Simple_Do_It_Yourself_Headlights.wmv
25.3 mb Car_Show_-_Walkaround_1.wmv
23.1 mb Car_Show_-_Walkaround_2.wmv
8.2 mb Checkered_Pass_-_KlausS.wmv
1.4 mb Driveby_-_DaveB.wmv
3.9 mb Driveby_-_GregE_AlanF.wmv
1.7 mb Driveby_-_KevinR.wmv
5.9 mb Driveby_-_KevinR_2.wmv
1.5 mb Driveby_-_KevinR_PhilC_MikeB.wmv
5.2 mb Driveby_-_KlausS_JeffG_GlennC.wmv
4.3 mb Driveby_-_PhilC_MikeB.wmv
3.9 mb Driveby_-_PhilC_MikeB_2.wmv
7.2 mb Race_-_Driveby_All.wmv
5.7 mb Race_-_Leaving_Grid.wmv
4.9 mb Race_-_Start_All.wmv
1.3 mb Race_-_Start_Radicals.wmv
1.8 mb Race_Funny_-_Formula_1_Panteras.wmv
1.7 mb Staging_-_DennisQ.wmv
2.2 mb Staging_-_GregE.wmv
3.1 mb Turns_-_GlenC_DaveB_KlausS.wmv
2.9 mb Turns_-_GlennC_DaveB_KlausS_2.wmv
1.3 mb Turns_-_JeffG.wmv
2.1 mb Turns_-_JeffG_2.wmv
4.2 mb Lap - Behind GlenC.wmv