Here's some info on a few of our great members. Click on the small photo for a full size image of the car.  Is your car missing?  Send me a picture from the right-front (like most of the images below).  Send them with any details to


Member Vehicle Personal Info Image
Mike & Denise Becker


Blue 1971 #1741 Club President, Executive Board member and Member since 2002.  Pantera owner since 2002


p-becker.jpg (325779 bytes)
Ralph & Pat Suarez Red 1974 Executive Board member and Member since  p-suarez.jpg (196667 bytes)
Marshall Smith Black 1971 (pushbutton) Executive Board member and (founding) Member since 1981 p-smith.jpg (1315200 bytes)
Craig & Gigi Campman Red 1974   p-campman.jpg (351543 bytes)
Bobby Udell Red 1974 Member since p-bobby.jpg (383915 bytes)
Barry & Nancy Appelbaum   Red 1974   p-applebaum.jpg (1158271 bytes)
Klaus & Renee Schoenherr Yellow 1972 Pre-L #3936   p-klaus.jpg (105081 bytes)
Bret Gann Black 1972 Executive Board member and Member since 2004 p-bretgann.jpg (64122 bytes)
Ed Mendez Brandywine 1972 Member Since 2013


Matthew Lipski Yellow 1971 (pushbutton) Very early 1971 pushbutton car p-lipski.jpg (430513 bytes)
Lee and Pam Patterson Red 1971, S/N 1744, Gp IV clone members since 1990
David Briggs      
Phil & Swan Camp     p-phil.jpg (70079 bytes)
Gregg & Yvonne Esakoff     p-esakoff.jpg (310078 bytes)
Kevin & Llynne Ryniker    
Jeff & Carlee Goodall     p-goodall.jpg (261554 bytes)
George Bagdasarian   A long-time owner, George has an amazing list of modifications including: Sun roof; Fresh Air; Back-up systems for Ingition, Fuel Pump, Coil and Computer; Vacuum controlled Louvers; Low Profile (2 3/4 in. high); Air Compressor; Battery Charger; Cruise Control; Jump Start Aid; Remotely operated: Deck, Front Hood, Doors, Sunroof, Remote Engine Start,Power Steering, Tilt Steering Column  AND MANY MORE!!! p-bagdesarian.jpg (621428 bytes)

p-bagdesarian3.jpg (90915 bytes)p-bagdesarian2.jpg (71789 bytes)

Kelcey Sass Silver/Black 1974 GTS An incredibly beautiful original GTS p-sass.jpg (352808 bytes)
Ron & Carol Ketcham     p-ketchum.jpg (471788 bytes)
Bob & Effie Richards     p-richards.jpg (494172 bytes)
Mike & Christeen Burnett

Yellow 1973

GT-4 (clone)

Craig & Nancy Cline Green 1974 #7352 Craig's first, and so far only Pantera.  Purchased it in 1984 (from Mayberry L-M in North Hollywood).  Craig has been a POCA member since 1985, and a SDP member since 1991. p-cline.jpg (515352 bytes)
John & Natasha Hoyt     p-johnhoyt.jpg (286109 bytes)

The Hoyt car is also occasionally found gracing the pages of calendars, like this one.

p-johnhoyt2.jpg (94672 bytes)

Lee Gilbert     p-lee.jpg (231258 bytes)
Bob & Linda Whalen     p-whalen.jpg (268757 bytes)
Bruce Mallery Grey 1972 Pre L, #4062   p-mallery.jpg (33114 bytes)
Daniel & Charleen Miller Red 1971 #2244 POCA/SDP member since 1994

Other classics that Dan & Char own:

Red 65 Tiger,  Blue 67 Mustang Coupe,  Blue 69 Mustang FB, Silver 68 Mustang Cal Special, Blue 67 Bronco 4x4, and a few other projects.  Wow!

p-miller.jpg (857207 bytes)
Leon & Lyndsey Rower Blue 1972   p-rower.jpg (234109 bytes)
Jeff & Terry Dorsett     p-dorsett.jpg (222696 bytes)
Laurie Basile     p-laurie.jpg (232925 bytes)
Gordon Albrecht     p-albright.jpg (182662 bytes)
Alan & Cristina Foster     p-foster_E.jpg (140350 bytes)