Special Tools and Equipment (Or special technical ability/talent) Posessed by SDP Members.  Contact the Member if You Would Like To Negotiate Usage


Got something to add to this list?  Please send an email with details to webmaster@sandiegopanteras.com


Tool Description Owner / Custodian
Axle Nut Socket Owned by SDP, currently with Ralph Suarez
Axle Nut Socket Bret Gann
Hoists Ralph Suarez
Engine Puller/Cherry Picker The club owns one and it is currently stored at Mike Becker's garage.

Craig Cline also has one.

(Note: neither is towable, so you'll need a truck to pick one up)


Engine Stand Craig Cline
12-ton arbor press Craig Cline
Camber-caster gauges, for up to 18" rims Bret Gann
12 point, 19mm ratcheting crowfoot wrench.  If you are safety wiring your ZF, and you get the 19mm 12 cross-drilled bold, this is tool you need to reach into the gearbox to torque them down. Phil Camp
Complete set of Pantera Technical Manuals Donated to the club by Buzz Rehmann, Dave Briggs serves as the custodian.
Power brake bleeder Donated to the club by George Bagdesarian, Dave Briggs serves as the custodian.