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 2011 - POCA Fun Rally, Reno, NV

June, 8-12 2011 - POCA Fun Rally in Reno, NV

The annual POCA fun rally was once again held in Reno, NV at the Circus Circus hotel and casino.  The event was attended by about 200 people.  A great time was had by all.  The organizers lined up a great arrary of events for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This year 2 groups made the trip.  Team Lemon/Lime, Bill and Montse Hohnhorst along with John and Kathy Buckman.    They left San Diego on Tuesday and goofed off in Bishop to break up the long drive, completing the trip on Wednesday


The second group made the trip in a single 10 to 11 hour marathon drive.  That group consisted of Phil Camp & friend Stefano, Marshall Smith & Mike Becker and Bob Richards & George Bagdasarian.

You just can't get enough of the incredible scenery along 395 through the Sierras.  The sights are breathtaking.


You can't drive nearly 600 miles without a few stops.  We took plenty of opportunities to stop and smell the roses

On Friday, we cruisd out to the track event at Reno Fernley Raceway.  Bob Richards stretched his Pantera's legs during the lunch time track tour.  It gave Bob a taste of something he hadn't ever experienced in his Pantera.

Afterwards, Bob was down right giddy!  He may never get that grin wiped off of his face.

Another special event involved a buffet dinner staged in one of the 4 large collection rooms at Harrah's Automobile museum.  This place is a must see for any automotive enthusiast.  What a treat.

We had about 10 or 12 tables situated amongst the collection in one of the exhibit halls

In one section, visitors are encouraged to don some period clothing and hop on board this vintage coach.  Here, Bob and Effie, George and Mike ham it up  a bit.

All the exhibits are amazing, but this all copper Rolls Royce was really special.

On Saturday, a special 1 and a half block section of Virginia street was reserved for Panteras during the Rock and Roll Revival festival and car show.  There were about 50 Panteras and perhaps another 100 makes and models of other various show and custom vehicles.

Marshall and Mike work over the security squad at the Silver Legacy for a couple of hours before they finally allowed us to be escorted on the rooftop of the casino.  From there we had a great view of just about the entire Pantera display.  Unfortunately, by the time we got into position, many of the Panteras had already left the show.  That was a bit of a dissappointment, but we did manage to get a couple of shots in.

This years representatives from San Diego included Marshall Smith, Ceasar, Phil (and Swan not pictured) Camp, Bill and Montse Hohnhorst, John and Kathy Buckman, Bob and Effie Richards, George Bagdasarian and Mike Becker.  ALso present for the first few days, SDP's newest member Steve Wilson.

This year was an exceptionally lucky one for SDP.  Most of the attendees won something and a few won more than once!  Here are just a few of the happy winners.

Another great event was the historic site tour around Lake Tahoe.  We drove around almost the entire lake, visited an exceptional historic mansion and grounds and had lunch at a waterfront restaurant.

The entrance to the main home at the historic site.

Marshall, George and Alex Engles relax at the lakeside restaurant

View from the beach in front of the mansion