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 2011 - Irvine Cars and Coffee

March 5th, 2011

Irvine Cars and Coffee is a Saturday morning ritual which attracts throngs of car nuts every week.  There appeared to be in the neighborhood of 200-300 cars.  On this date, Stephen VamVaketis of TPOC managed to orchestrate a gathering of close to 50 Panteras in one spot.  An impressive feat!

In attendance were San Diego Panteras members: John & Kathy Buckman, Craig Cline, Glen Chancellor, Leon Rower, Marshall Smith, Mike Becker, Chris Lee and Bret Gann.  And, hopefully soon to be member Sean Dove.

Most of us met at the Park & Ride in Oceanside at the I5 & 78 intersection.  We left at 5:30 am and caravan'ed up to the event, arriving around 6:15 to find the place already buzzing with action and quickly filling up with Panteras. 

Actually, this week, "Cars and Coffee" was transformed into "Cars and no Coffee", after the health department, for some reason, shut down the coffee and doughnuts stand.

Here's the fisheye view of the Pantera section.  This was actually before the place filled up.  Several additional Panteras arrived later.

Ummm, I'll let you form your own opinion...

A few more views of the Pantera display area

Bret and Craig relax after the long stroll through the entire parking lot


Look at this old hunk of junk we stumbled across in the parking lot!  It looks a little better in the pictures, but in person, it looked like a little rough, but it is an original

Believe it or not, another original Cobra

Here's a very unique Pantera.  Note the cable linkage and paddle shifters

Nice Jag and a wild looking wheel-standing Chrysler-powered Chevyvan

A slammed and matte-finished Bentley GT

Arial Atom

Driving back to San Diego.  We were back home around 10:00 am.  It was a fun trip and I look forward to trying it again some day.

Craig Cline

Bret Gann and Chris Lee