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 2011 - Fabulous Fords Forever

April, 10 2011 - Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott's Berry Farm

There is an annual pilgrimage that takes place in Buena Park, CA.  Its a giant Ford car show.  This year marked some significant anniversaries for Ford.  The 40th of the Pantera, the 40th of the Pinto, the 45th of the Bronco and the 50th of the Econoline Van.

All the celebrated models were nicely represented.  The biggest was probably the Bronco, they were everywhere!  Although the show seems to be predominantly made up of more Mustangs than you have ever seen in one spot.  There were probably in the neighborhood of 2000 cars on display at this giant show.  It was a fun day, with plenty of interesting things to look at.

SDP Made a great showing with 9 Panteras.

The event t-shirt even featured a Pantera!

Here's a nice Panoramic shot of all the SDP cars.  Notice the very nice framed signage provided for every car!

Suarez, Ryniker and Gann

Ketcham, Becker and Buckman

Cline, Rower and Chancellor

That's right, it's a disco ball Pinto.  Something like 22,000 little mirrors cover the entire surface of this little gem!

Curtis Poulin of Orange County took the Best of Show award (for the entire show) with his beautifully restored Pantera.  Those of you that went to Reno might also recognize this car as having won the best narrow-bodied car and best paint.  Curstis is definitely on a roll.

John and Kathy Buckman and Nancy Cline soak up some sun and respond to the endless stream of curious visitors.  The event was also well attended by spectators.  It was very crowded.

Ok, who doesn't have the cracks on the rear quarter corners and deck lid corners?  Right, everyone's got em.  Check out this ingenious solution for helping to prevent the deck from impacting the quarter panel.  I've looked around for a bracket like this, but I can't find it.  Anyone know how to fabricate something like this?