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 2011 - Cruisin Grand

July 22nd, 2011

Cruisin Grand has got to be one of the top weekly cruising sites in the country.  The crowds are huge and the variety of cars is always astounding.  On this find Friday night in July, it was Pantera night, with the San Diego Panteras taking center stage on South Broadway at Grand.  We had 23 cars displayed on the street.  As in the past, we opened the event to our good buddies of the Shelby club too.  They represented their mark in an outstanding fashion as well.  There was one additional Pantera parked on Grand Ave, but nobody recognized the car and we never saw the owner.

Huge thanks for Bret Gann for making this event happen.  Bret also brought out his motorhome as a base station and he brought a trailer full of folding tables for our comfort.  Ralph and Pat also brought out a truckload of chairs.

Thanks to all those folks who came out early to help setup camp and get cars organized.  Special thanks to Ralph Suarez for assembling a great lineup of raffle prizes!  George Bagdasarian was selling raffle tickets to anyone who walked passed him, and he sold a pile of them.  As a result, this event turned into a great fund raiser, almost paying for the great food from Fillippi's, and making one Mustang owner very happy! 

Congratulations to Mona Vihiuniu ("Vahaneeo") of the South Bay Mustang Club, she won the 50/50 raffle and walked away with $152.00 !!!!  It was great to see several prizes go to visitors.


The Panteras were a huge hit, as usual.  You never get tired of peopling coming up to you telling how the car brings back some memories.

At about 7:40 pm, everyone jumped into their cars and fired them up for a wild engine revving session.  After it was done the air was thick with fumes and the crowd was applauding.

Ralph and Pat Suarez' beautiful '74 took the judges award and Ralph accepted humbly.

The Schoenherr kids, Sarah and Adam did a great job of assisting Emcee Ralph Suarez during the big raffle.

The party zone was rocking.  Great food, great friends, great times.  Fillippi's Pizza and salad goes great with cruizin.

Newest member of San Diego Panteras, Brad Diez and his beautiful Speedzone poster car.  It showcases the great work they do over at Speedzone Paint & Bodyworks ( http://www.speedzonepaint.com/ ).  We look forward to seeing more of Brad at future events.

The next potential new member is Mike (no last name??) from Ramona.  He's a relatively new owner and he knows Dave Briggs from some past experiences in the Sunbeam Tiger world.  Let's hope he'll join as well.

The shelby club really stepped, with a great showing of Mustings and Cobras.  But this had to take the cake, five - count 'em - original Cobras in one place!  Wow.