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 2010 - Wine Run

The 2010 Temecula Win Run was held on Saturday, November 6th.  Big thanks to Rene and Klaus Schoenherr for arranging a great trip with thrills spills and one off-road excursion!

First stop was the Cordiano Winery off of Highland Valley Road.  The owners were very gracious and they fixed up a delicious salad, plus bread sticks and pizza for us.

We had a great turn out of 9 Panteras, one Corvette, one Mercedes and one Ferrari Testarossa.

We had to give Barry a hand as he negotiated the steps on his recently acquired crutches.  Barry dropped a motorcycle on his foot and broke a bunch of bones.  Jeff and Carlee sample the local product.

Swan and Kathy enjoy the fantastic views from the tasting area.  The weather was great and the views were beautiful

Klaus toasts our safe arrival at the second stop, The Faulkner Winery in Temecula.  Did I say safe arrival...

What's wrong with these pictues?  That's right, grass has not started growing on route 79.  Klaus and Rene are in a field off the side of route 79 near Mesa Grande.  Klaus had a little mishap and unexpectedly did a little landscaping with his Pantera.  Fortunately, as you can see by Rene's happy dance, all was well.  Wait a minute, was that the happy dance or is Rene screaming at Klaus saying "that's it, get me outta dis crazy Wap hybrid!"

There was little if any noticeable damage on the Svenska cat.  Klaus and Rene got the car back on the road promptly and off we went to the final destination.

Another great trip.  Thanks to all who participated.  See you soon.