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 2010 - Summer Tech Session

August 7th, 2010

This year's summer tech session was held at the business facility of our friend Erik Rathman and his brother Raul.  The business is European Automotive Consultants.  They work on high-end exotics and just about anything else.  They have great facility, and by all accounts perform some top notch services.  Erik and his associates were gracious hosts and provided a great deal of help to our members in need of technical assistance.

This tray worked so well for the Turkey last Thanksgiving, that Kevin decided to keep it and make a toolbox out of it.

Klaus go his oil changed, and then Erik did a masterful job of re-welding the header flange which had been leaking.
Mike installed new stereo and diagnosed his faulty parking brake (frozen calipers) and his annoying engine vibration (sheered-off motor mount bolts).
Barry got a new set of fog lights installed and diagnosed a shaky rear end (axle nut and/or wheel bearings).

Erik's trained ear diagnosed Jeff's rattle in his Testasteronio'.  Cool car, but it's hard to tell if the engine is running ;).  Note the trick to placing a low car on the hoist, we had to bring up the rear with dueling floor jacks and then slide the lift forks underneath.

There's always time for a little fun!  Kevin cranks up the shop's entertainment.  Nice Ansa exhaust on that hot rod.

Erik's shop also happens to be the home of Kevin Ryniker's long-time Javelin project car.  It's got a healthy motor in it now and it's just about ready for paint.  Kevin tried to find a bigger scoop, the NHRA top fuel funny car team got to them first.

Anybody recognize this diamond in the rough stashed away in the corner of Eriks' shop?  It's a Lambhorgini Jalpa.  Just needs a little TLC.