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 2010 - Coronado Speed Festival

Coronado Speed Festival, September 25th, 2010

This annual event started out as usual, at the Old Town Mexican Cafe with a great breakfast for a great crowd.  We had about 30 people present for breakfast!

Old town was invaded by about 15 Panteras

Everyone enjoyed a great breakfast

An amazing 21 Panteras lined up for the display in the Car Club Corral.  It was a very impressive showing.  Unfortunately, Ralph Suarez sprung a water leak on the drive from Old Town to Coronado and he was forced to pull to the side and get his car towed home.  That didn't stop Ralph from participating.  He got the Pantera safely home and jumped into his Mustang and returned to the event.

As usual, the Panteras were a real crowd pleaser.  We entertained questions from admirers past and present.

This is one of four Panteras that made the long early morning trek from Orange County.  This car has some unique and very impressive customizations.

Cruising the pits is always interesting.  George holds up today's paper to prove his presence, apparently preparing for his alibi.

What do you do when foget to bring you 2000lb certified jack stands?  Improvise!  Who knew Coleman made automotive products.

We had to stop wandering around for a while to actually watch some of the racing.

The Car Club Corral and the pits were jammed all kinds of cars.  Here are a few pics:

Nice early Jeep

An original Cheetah and a custom built Cheetah spyder.