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 2010 - POCA Fun Rally in Reno, NV

The POCA Fun Rally was held in Reno, NV, June 2nd thru 6th, 2010.  The venue was the Circus Circus hotel casino.  Despite the lack of a track event, there were lots of folks on hand and there was no shortage of things to do.

The raffle prize lineup was amazing.  The vendors kicked in some great prizes and Steve Wilkinson dumped a virtual truckload of stuff.  Here's a sampling of the stuff, some of which included multiple prizes of the same thing.

And here are couple of happy SDP members, Bill Hohnhorst and Bob Richards showing off their winnings!

One of the award winning cars was concealed beneath a black cover until the announcement that it was the Chairman's Choice winner.  It was none other than John and Kathy Buckman's green machine

The Banquet Hall featured no less than three SDP members' cars, including Bob Richards', Mike Becker's and John Buckman's

The Saturday afternoon public display was a huge success and most impressive when viewed from the top of the abandonded parking garage across the street.

This was one of three Panteras that I know of which sustained some damage during the event.  Tough break for these owners, but all the cars looked like they were repairable

Phil Camp, Marshall Smith, John and Kathy Buckman and Bob Richards with navigator George Bagdesarian



Ralph Suarez and Ron Ketcham decided to trailer their cars up to Reno, but that didn't affect the amount of fun they had.

The one only mechanical snafu was that Bob Richards' car needed an impromptu alignment which was easily facilitated by Phil Camp.  The alignment was achieved purely by visual inspection by all in attendance and Bob reported that afterwards, the car tracked true as can be!

The scenic drive on 395 through the Sierra Nevadas is simply breathtaking, here are just a few glimpses of the stunning vistas that greeted us at every corner

On Friday, we did a historic railway trip to the old town of Virginia City.  It was like an old west mining town where time froze some 60 or 80 years ago!


A couple of herds of wild mustangs graced us with their very close presence during the train ride.  Considering their normal stand-offish nature, they actually remained very close to the train!

The wine tour visited a local winery in Carson City for some behind the scenes information and wine tasting, followed by a great lunch in Minden