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 2009 - Spring Tech Session


On May 23rd, Dan and Char Miller hosted SDP's Spring Tech Session.  We had a real small turnout, but we took care of some big problems.  Both Scott Mille and Stan Ogi had problems with their passenger window.  We soreted out both cars and had some fun doing it.
Char minds the store while we busied ourselves with window issues.  Craig Campman brought his perfectly running gremlin free Pantera and parked it in the partial shade.  It's nice when everything works properly!

I had the same problem with my car.  My hood and trunk lid seemed to operate properly.  I had nothing to work on in my car.  That's a first!

As usual, a team effort made troubleshooting a breeze.  We need to do this more often.

Stan's window works again.  He opted to install the door panel later, when he got it home.

Scott and Martha button up the door, content that their window rises from the ashes (and lowers too)