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 2009 - Parnelli Jones


Thanks to our relationship with our friends in the Shelby Club, we were invited to join them for a special meeting at the San Diego Auto Museum where they had arranged for guest speaker.  The guest was none other than racing legend Parnelli Jones.  Parnelli kept the intimite crowd of about 100 people riveted for at least an hour.  We all had a great time and after the meeting he graciously signed anything and everything people put in front of him.  The event also raised a few hundred dollars for the museum by auctioning off some signed/framed photos of Parnelli.
A quick auction coaxed some bucks out of the anxious crowd and the Parnelli quickly took the mic and entertained with his racing and other automotive stories.  He also answered a barrage of questions afterwards.

After the speach, everyone linded up to have something signed.  Glovebox doors, other dash parts, books, model cars, jackets, boobs.  Na, just kidding about the boobs.

During and after the signings, Parnelli or should I say Rufus, as we learned, his real name, was happy to mug with anyone who wanted to capture the moment.  It was a great evening and we sincerely thank the great folks in the Shelby club for inviting us.  Here, Marshall Smith, Bob and Shirley Harrington, Dave Briggs and Mike Becker get next to this great icon of motorsports.