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 2009 - March Fun Run


On March 14th, we went south for our 2nd fun run of 2009.  We met up in Eastlake and proceeded out on some great twisties winding through the southern and southeastern areas of San Diego county.  After a bit of driving we stopped at the Pacific Southwest Railroad Museum in Campo.  This facility has an incredible collection of old trains.  It's also got a nicely restored station and an operating line on which you can ride.  They offer a couple of runs each day.  We had a blast wandering around the grounds looking at the old equipment.  After the museum we proceeded to the Barrett Junction Cafe for some of their famous fish fry.

There were seven cars participating with 9 people: Bill Hohnhorst, Glen Chancellor, Leon Rower, Mike Becker, Ted Cobarubia, Bob and Effie Rickards, Marshall Smith and Christine Hall and as a bonus, Georg Bagdasarian showed up at the launch site to join us for a couple of donuts and to wish us well.  Thanks for coming out George.

The first leg of our journey took us through some great relatively empty roads.  One stretch included Historic Old Highway 80.  For quite a while, it seemed like we owned the road.

A plaque at the museum entrance tells the story of the site.

The dirt road in, and the dir parking lot was a little bit of a dissapointment, but all of us love cleaning our cars, so the little dust bath will ensure we'll have hours of fun cleaning up!

The volunteers at the museum are super friendly and will gladly entertain questions and enlighten you regarding the rich history of artifacts at the facility.

A look inside this 19th century coach reveals need for a monumental restoration effort.  The volunteers take it one step at a time.

This vintage mail car was meticulously restored and even had a huge supply of authentic looking period mail.  The mail even had old stamps and postmarks.  The interior of the car was really quite impressive.  Ted, Bill and Leon soak up the atmosphere.

If you like trains, there is plenty to see here...

Christine and Effie wait for their train to come in...

After the museum we proceeded on to Barrett Junction and enjoyed a great lunch.