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 2008 - Progressive Dinner Run


The Progressive Dinner Run is a great event where we spend an evening Among the homes of 3 members, enjoying appetizers at the first, dinner at the second and dessert and beverages at the third.

This year, we were treated to the hospitality of Kevin and Llynne Ryniker for appetizers; Buzz and Fran Rehman's for dinner; and Ron and Carol Ketcham's for dessert and beverages. 

With about 40 participants, this was a fantastic event.

With about a dozen Panteras, one CAV GT, two Corvettes and a few other rides, we were a formidable group as we made our way across the county.

1st Stop - "Rynikertizers"

The Rynikers absolutely inundate us with tasty appetizers and icy cold beverages.

The Ryniker's neighborhood was overrun by noisy cars.  And, nothing short than an amazing case irony, at the very moment we all started pulling in and driving onto Kevin's lawn, and double parking all over the place, and generally making a bunch of noise - Their brand new next-door-neighbors were in the process of unloading their moving truck!!!!  Incredibly Kevin tried desparately to convince the new neighbor that "really, I mean really, this sort of thing hardly ever happens".  I'm sure they were thinking "I thought this was supposed to be a quite cul d'sac".

We spread out all around the Ryniker household and made our best attempt to consume all the fantastic appetizers.

2nd Stop - Buzz "I'll BBQ anything" Rehman

The Rehman's were flinging so much meat at us, we finally had put our hands up and say no more.  Interestingly, about the time we were leaving, Fran realized that they forgot to put out the homemade potato salad.  Looks like Buzz and Fran will be enjoying a 40 person serving potato salad for a few days!

We filled the Rehman's driveway with Panteras and there were a few spilling ont the street too.  Their neghbor, Luis Castillo (San Diego Chargers football player) had given permission for us to use his driveway too if we needed it.  Unfortunately for all us Charger fans, Luis was busy at practice and could not drop in on the party.

The view off the Rehman backyard is inspiring

Almost too inspiring!  Phil tries to coax George off the wall,

Everyone was all smiles.  Alan Foster, Rick Powell and Bill Hohnhorst.

3rd Stop - Kings of the hill Ketcham's

There beautiful home perched high atop San Marcos on one of the tallest mountains in the area offered absolutely stunning views of the surrounding area.  Unfortunately it was a bit hazy.  We were told that on a clear day you can see all the way to Catalina Island!  and speaking of stunning, Ron's garage was a sight to behold.  A recent addition to their property, this garage ranks among the nicest anyone has seen.

The Ketchams served up just a bit more dessert than any of us really needed.  But that didn't stop us from consuming just about all of it.  Everything was great and finished off the evening with hours of good times with good friends just enjoying the views and viewing the enjoyment.

Everyone fell in love with Ron's garage

Just one of the house's many unobscured vantage points with panoramic vistas

We scattered out all over the Ketcham's place and had a great time, Michelle, Bob and Doreen Harvey

The clowning around went on well into the night.  Ralph Suarez, Klaus Schoenherr and Mike Becker

And of course we just couldn't get enough of that garage.

A few more scenes of the evening...

Getting from place to place was half the fun

Rick Powell and Marie

Phil and Swan Camp

Roaring through Poway/Rancho Bernardo

And of course Ron's garage.


There are more pictures to enjoy at the San Diego Panteras Photo Album Page.  Just click the link below to see the rest

2008 Progressive Dinner Run