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 2008 - March Fun Run


This fun run took us through some amazing back roads in the southern part of the county.  Along the way we stopped at the mind boggling Motor Transport Museum in Campo.  We also stopped for lunch at the famous Barrett Junction Cafe.  Take a look at what we saw.
You can't start a bg run without a good breakfast.  Marshall provided the nutritious meal from Krisp Kreme.

Our new biker friends had a similar passion for the sound/smell/feel of between your legs, or at the back of your neck in the case of the Panteras.  They all seemed to really enjoy the cars.

All righty then, let's get rollin'.

We arrive at the Motor Transport Museum at the old feldspar mining facility and inside the restoration shop there's all kinds of work going on

This is "Junkyard" the local resident.  He easily coaxes Christine into giving him what he wants.


This bigass honkin' generator on wheels may have powered a movie set back in the 30's or 40's.

Leon eyeballs a minivan for Lyndsey.  What do you think Lyndsey

The paddy wagon

Guests Jerry and Steven Thom and Kevin pose with their favorite ride

What should we look at next?

More Mack Trucks than a busy interstate truck stop

Even a Mack crane

An old gas truck

It's strange to see all our cars amongst all these rusting beheths.

All aboard!  Next stop Barrett Junction - lunch

Lunch at Barrett Junction Cafe was great and so was the company.  Nobody left hungry.

Klaus was able to try out his new parking brake.  It's from Bremborock Racing.  You know, the same outfit that supplies Fred Flintstone.  This is the single-rock-chock.  There's no doubt that the double-rock-chock would have been overkill.  Good choice Klaus!

More pictures submitted by other members:

Dennis Weaver's nemesis?

Kevin's nemesis?

All lined up ready to resume the trip

Just a few more peices of iron amongst the rusting relics