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 2007 - April Tech Session

The Spring Tech Session is a an SDP annual tradition in April.  It is timed to provide members a just in time opportunity to address nagging little issues prior to the big trip to Vegas for the annual POCA Fun Rally.  This year's event was held April 14th at Ralph and Pat Suarez' fabulous ranch in San Marcos.  Ralph garage offers everything we could possibly need.  In addition to general work, our club master mechanic Dave Briggs was also on hand to provide official inspections for those members planning to run their cars at the track event in Pahrump.

Ralph's hoist and spacious barn/garage make servicing and inspections a breeze.

AP News: OPEC reacted positively to word of sizable crude reserves found beneath Craig Campman's Pantera.  Sheik Abdul Zamfir Mafuzzi reports that plans are under way to deliver a giant sponge grid to be installed in Craig's garage to soak up the blank gold.  The oil recovered is expected to boost reserves to their highest level in years.  Alas, the glut wont carry on for long, as Craig reports that a new engine is planned in the not too distant future.

Klaus prepars to work on the suspension of the screamer beamer.

There was plenty of wrenching and hoisting going on.  And, as usual, more than anything, there was good friends hangin around and having a great time.  Klaus, Glen, Jeff and Mike had their cars inspected by Dave Briggs.  Unfortunately, Mike's car failed the inspection with a broken motor mount.  There wasn't enough time to address that problem during the tech session.  I plan on trying to fix it before Vegas if I can.

Did we mention this was a clothing optional tech session?  Jeff lends a hand as Klaus attempts to change the oil in his race car.  Jeff: "Oh, I thought you asked for the nipple pliers"

Hmmmmmm, do you see something strange about this picture?

Leon has one of the most reliable and fuel efficient Panteras in the world.  And man, can this little blue flame fly.

Mike Becker's full-size P and Leon Rowe's mini-P.  The mini-P was in perfect running condition and needed no servicing at the tech session.  Except for perhaps a little spritz of starter fluid to get it going

Lunch was served up by a local sandwich shop.

Before taking off, we paused for a couple of group photos