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 2007 - July Meeting with Slot Cars

Well, we held our July meeting at Cocina Del Charro in Escondido and with one exception, it was an ordinary gathering with good friends and good food.  This month, we had a special treat in the form of a portable race track complete with realistic formula one sound effects and high tech timing equipment.
The little tykes were having a blast...

With just a little good natured bullying the little rascals were run off and the big kids took over the track.  The track is checked out and cleared of all prior incident debris and then the real racing begins...

Klaus does his best but Jeff manages to edge passed him in a grueling test of agility and concentration.

Ha ha, Klaus gets his sweet revenge on Jeff's first born

Bret and Craig battle it out.

Mike and Klaus take the stage for a final grudge match to decide the disputed title.  In the end, Klaus' countless practice rounds paid off and he absolutely buried Mike by a 5 lap margin.  Curse you Klaus, I'll be back next year.  I'm gonna have to buy one of these layouts and hone my skills for slot redo 2008.