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 2007 - Poker Run

June 16th, 2007 - The 5th Annual San Diego Panteras Poker Run.  Once again, hosted at the fabulous Rancho Rafael of members Ralph and Pat Suarez.  This year's event was the best yet.  There were about 60 vehicles of various marks, along with about 120-130 people.  Ralph and Co. prepared a fantastic 60-80 mile course that provided driving pleasure for all manner of driver/vehicle.  Ralph is an absolute master at mapping out fun roads.

The event went off like clockwork thanks to #1,the organizer's superb planning; and #2, a large cast of volunteers who helded with food prep, set up, poker hand evaluation, prize distribution, checkpoint management, clean up, etc.  Huge thanks to all.

We couldn't have asked for better weather.  Sunshine and gentle breezes, it was just perfect.

Speed limits exceeded?  I'll never tell.  But when it come to fun, we blew the paint right off of this sign, because we had so many tons of fun, that it had to have been illegal!

Checkpoint workers did a fantasitc job of managing the card distribution.  Thanks very much to all of you.

Prior to the on-time departure, the cars were packed into the staging area.  A great collection of cars were present.

 The roads were a blast...

After the run, the cards were reviewed, the barbeque commenced, and the prizes were given out.  Ralph had managed to amass several thousand dollars worth of donations from various local and remote merchants.

Buy a bunch of tickets like this...

And perhaps you too can be the big winner, way to go Rene!



Ralph had his hands full trying to give out the mountain of prizes.  Pat and Nash Gann helped out with the prize distribution.  Here's another happy beaming winner.

Everyone had a great time, nobody left without a smil.  Hey Bobby the blindfolded golf cart race is just a scheme to teach men how to obey their wives!  Hmmm, too bad about those cones you took out.  Looks like you may need some more obediance training.

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