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 2007 - November Dinner and a Play


An Evening with Dracula - Submitted by Marshall Smith

I don’t know what it is about Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s how we devour a turkey or a ham so well. Or perhaps we get quite primitive when holding a drumstick in one hand and a cup of Grog in the other. The closer one gets to that special day where we all give thanks for having it so well, the closer one thinks of bloodletting and gnawing on the neck of an unsuspecting victim! Well…that’s what 29 (!!!!) of our club members and their guests felt when we all voluntarily opened Thanksgiving week by spending the night with Count Dracula. I should explain…


Our third annual San Diego Panteras Evening at the Theatre was held just this last Saturday, November 17th and a bloody good time was had by all. We started with dinner at Pizza Nova in Solana Beach and enjoyed not only a great meal but were treated with wonderful and speedy service (considering 27 people ordered dinner at the same time). We all rocked the outdoor tent with laughter and B.S. stories. This was a special night for our host and his lovely wife, Bobby and Jennifer Udell, because it was at this inaugural event two years ago where Bobby brought a blind date, being Jennifer, and I must say that blind date turned out exceptionally well!


Also in attendance were Mike and Denise Becker, Dave Briggs and Doreen Harvey, Phil and Swan Camp and Swan’s niece. Elma Thompson, Craig and Gigi Campman, Craig and Nancy Cline and their daughter Jamie, Bill and Montse Hohnhorst, Ron and Carol Ketcham, Dan and Charleen Miller, Scott and Martha Miller, Kevin and Llynne Ryniker, Marshall Smith, Count Ralphula and Pat Suarez and Brock Tella and his better half, Terry Stewart.   


After dinner, we all took the short walk to the North Coast Repertory Theatre where we all enjoyed an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The play was a little long for some but was well acted and very entertaining. At $29 each, the show was a bargain and was so much more enjoyable seen at Thanksgiving time rather than say, Halloween. Count Dracula went for the neck of all the girls and I haven’t seen drinking like that since our club last visited The Rhino Bar!


A great big thank you goes out to Bobby and Jennifer for a special 

evening of food, friends and bloodlust. You don’t need to be a theatre-

goer to enjoy this event folks. This is always a great time and it’s a

not miss. Perhaps we’ll see The Nutcracker late next October!!