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 2007 - POCA Las Vegas Fun Rally

More pictures from Bill Hohnhorst on the Photo Album Gallery

The annual POCA Fun Rally in Las Vegas was held April 24th through 29th.  SDP had a commendable representation of more than 30 participants!  A fantastic time was had by all.
On Thursday morning, a few of us went off for a quick tour of the Shelby factory, where they churn out modified Mustangs at an unbelievable rate of speed.  There were something like 800 Mustangs awaiting an upgrade procedure which purportedly takes somethine like 30-75 minutes.  The facility was impressive.  Photos were not allowed on the tour, but they had a nice display of vehicles in the showroom, including the very first Shelby Cobra.  The tour guide revealed to us that during the original press tour to unveil the Cobra program, they painted this vehicle a different color before each meeting so that the public perception would be that many of the vehicles already existed, when in fact at the time, there was only 1.  It still wears the original, badly tattered and ripped upholstery which Carrol himself insisted be left alone.

The track event was again held at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, NV.  The 2.2 mile course was utilized.  Members Phil Camp, Glen Chancellor, Klaus Schoenherr, Alan & Cary Foster and Mike Becker participated in the event.

Glen, Phil and Mike took it easy in the "B" and "C" groups.  Unfortunately, Glen's motor suffered a mild boil-over and then begin emitting a noise which appeared to be a knocking rod.  Fortunately, in a command performance of last year's heroics, Bret volunteered his enclosed trailer in order to get Glen's car home.  Glen left for home Friday evening.  Hopefully the damage will be minor and fixable.

Here's Glen, in the pits and hard and close into turn 8 prior to the fateful boil over...

Here's Mike, in the pits and crossing the start/finish line at speed...

The Team Foster Speedvision Mustang was piloted by Alan.  Alan started at the inside in row 2, but quickly took the lead and proved to be uncatchable and went on to a resounding victory, congratulations Alan...

The darling of the Track was the little BMW that could, driven by our beloved Klaus.  Starting at the back of the pack, Klaus quickly proved to be a formidable competitor making his way up to 4th place at one point.  It seemed likely that Klaus may have had a chance at 3rd or perhaps even 2nd had he not suffered a debilitating malfunction of his motor mount.  Klaus was forced to leave the race early after showing such admirable spirit and commendable driving skill.  I'm sure Klaus will be back again next year with all his nuts and bolts adequately torqued!

Here's Klaus, undaunted, in fact inspired, by his start on the inside of the last row, and later fighting his way to 4th place which he would soon take from this Elise before suffering a minor, but race ending problem...

Did anybody get a picture of Phil?


On Saturday, a car display was done up on the hot-as-a-griddle 4th floor of the parking structure.  About 50 cars were on display and while a few bystanders wandered in, the event was mostly attended by members.  Sure would be nice to move this event to a more public venue.  The organizers are looking for something next year.

The banquet and famous raffle were preceeded by a private gathering of the SDP members in the Goodall suite.  We had just enough time to share a few laughs and prime ourselves for the big event.  The Pantera Spokesmodel competition was cut short by a vicious cat-fight which broke out between the contestants.  We settled for a 3-way tie.

Rick Powell's beautifully (just) finished Pantera won, deservedly, the People's choice award.  Special thanks to Dave for all the hard work he put into that project.  And, Matt and Amanda  Lipski took the best interior award for his very early Pushbutton.  Congratulations Rick, Matt and Amanda, you should be very proud.

It took 3 tables to contain the SDP contingent.  And as usual, we bought and sold a ton of raffle tickets.  And, as usual we took away some great prizes, including one of the top prizes (a Fluidyne radiator and fan shroud set), by Marshall Smith.

Jeff seemed to have this table all to himself.  "Was it something I said?"

As if there wasn't enough fun already packed into this event, a group of 22 of us arranged a luxurious party bus to take us over to the Venetian for drinks and a spectacular show by Gordie Brown.  Our very own GiGi became an impromptu participant of the show and Mr. Brown gave us some great laughs.