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 2007 - May Fun Run


For May's Fun Run, Mike Becker arranged a blast through the southern hills of San Diego.  The event was on May 26th, and it started in Eastlake.  We headed out to Old 94 to start off a 100 mile blast through some fantasic uncrowded twisty back country roads.  We went through several sleepy, little-known towns that time seems to have forgotten.  It's really surprising how different these places are from the day-to-day San Diego we all know. 

Well, we only had 4 cars for this run, it just turned out to be a bad time for most members' schedules.  No matter, we weren't going to let a little problem like attendance distract us.  Bret & Nash Gann, Phil Camp, Bill Hohnhorst and Mike & Leigha Becker participated enthusiastically.

In addition to the great drive, we made a lengthy pit stop at the Motor Transport Museum in Campo and we had lunch at the world famous Barrett Junction Cafe. 


Phil, Bill and Bret follow behind Mike as we meander through the countryside.

Bill approaches the old feldspar mill in Campo, which is now the home of the Motor Transport Museum.

Well, The Motor Transport Museum is one amazing place.  Acres of rare and once-beautiful machines sit and patiently await restoration by a team of dedicated enthusiasts.  Two gentlemen were on site this day and we were treated to a behind the scenes tour and then released to wander and explore the treasures at our own leasure.  There were several vehicles in the shop undergoing restoration.  While most people probably just see a vast collection of rusting junk, the restorers see their current state as just a temporary condition.  Take a look at this eclectic collection...
We could have wandered about the treasures for hours, but a short time would have to be enough for now.

This massive generator was used by the movie industry to provide power for location shoots


While most people wouldn't consider this a motor vehicle, you can't argue that it fits with the facility's name (Motor Transport Museum).  It was motorized and it was a method of tranportation.
Restoration specialist Brian descrbes their current project which clearly showed their exceptional talent and attention to detail
Back in the day, if not for these little beauties, you'd get mighty thirsty.  "Got Milk?"
A street sweeper
This ancient hook and ladder undoubtedly saved the day for many people when they were unfortunate enough to have to call upon it.  Some day, the local artisans will return the favor and save this gem from becoming recycled.


An old Mack earth mover
The block walls on the 2nd and 3rd story of the mill seem to defy gravity
Take a look at just some of the interesting characters amongst the acres of iron...

Our Panteras provide a thought provoking contrast amid the vast collection of motor-abilia.  So different, yet deep inside so similar.  Might this be a poignant reminder of the ultimate fate of our beloved cars?

Finally, a chance to rest and enjoy lunch at the Barrett Junction Cafe, yum!  That's Mike, Leigha and Bill on the left and Bret and Phil on the right.

After lunch, we bid farewell and went our separate ways

See you next time.