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 2007 - Coronado Speed Festival

The weekend of October 7th and 8th, 2007 marked the 10th annual Coronado Speed Festival, held on the runways/taxiways of North Island Naval Base.  A large contingent of Panteras showed up for this year's even on Saturday.  
The day started out with a hearty breakfast at the Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town.  About 15-20 people met for breakfast and then we headed for Coronado.  The trip from OTMC was a blast.  The roadways between Old Town and Coronado were packed with Panteras!
There were an amazing 18-20 Panteras present in the Car Corral.  This included a few Panteras that some of us had never seen before.

As usual, there was plenty of cool stuff to be seen in the pits.  We made the rounds through the pit area and and the beauty of these classic machines never ceases to amaze us.

The racing is always fun to watch too

Here are a few more photos provided by Tom Keuler