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 SDP Christmas Party

The party animals are at it again.  The Annual old time Christmas party was held on December 9th, at the just-completed spectacular Del Mar home of Matt Lipski.  Matt and his lovely daughter Amanda opened their home for this motley crew and a grand as can be time was had by all.  

On behalf of the whole club, we extend thanks to Matt and Amanda for being fantastic hosts.  We hope your home came through the ordeal unscathed!

As usual, this Christmas party was well attended by club members as well as a few special guests.

The food was great as always.  But the highlight of the evening (not including Matt's insane garage) was the gift exchange.

Before the gift exchange the club presented special recognition awards to 2 couples who have contributed immensely to the club over the years.  Alan and Christina Foster and Ralph and Pat Suarez.  Alan and Christina hosted the famous "World's largest Detomaso Swap Meet" for some 10 years.  Ralph and Pat have hosted the incredible Poker run for 4 years.  The club is forever in your debt guys, thanks for everything, we really appreciate it.

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And on with the gift exchange.  Bill starts by explaining the rules...

IMG_3827.JPG (97345 bytes)

Bill and Klaus did an excellent job of Emcee'ing the gift exchange

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The participants watched closely as the good were unwrapped.IMG_3832.JPG (78609 bytes)

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IMG_3831.JPG (93785 bytes)
Now there's a happy child

IMG_3853.JPG (117204 bytes)

Rick tears at the paper while the officials look on in anticipation

IMG_3849.JPG (106881 bytes)

The experts try to figure out what this is.

IMG_3848.JPG (91068 bytes)

It was nice while it lasted.  This gem was quickly stolen from me.

IMG_3846.JPG (90831 bytes)

Kevin inspects his prize.

IMG_3847.JPG (108360 bytes)

George hits paydirt and is all smiles.  Alas the joy would not last long, as this drill set and Detomaso clock were quickly stolen away.

IMG_3845.JPG (96509 bytes)

The ladies got to pick from their own pile of presents (no tools, flashlights or barbeque sets for them).  Nancy Chancellor takes her pick.

IMG_3842.JPG (79918 bytes)

Jeff scores a great one and he lucks out, as nobody attempts to steal it from him.  Way to go Jeff.

IMG_3841.JPG (91124 bytes)

Rick picks again

IMG_3843.JPG (93058 bytes)

Cookie unravels a mystery

IMG_3839.JPG (84142 bytes)

The crowd looks on as the prize picking continues.

IMG_3840.JPG (99719 bytes)

Woo Hoo!  Got Wax?

IMG_3835.JPG (88042 bytes)

Craig scores another hot item.   Which was quiclkly stolen way from him.  Easy come, easy go Craig, sorry.

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Peace on earth and to all a good night and pleasant holiday season.  Thanks for coming everybody.

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