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 2006 SDP Temecula Wine Run

On October 21st, 2006  we executed our annual pilgrimage to Southern California's wine capital,  Temecula.  As in past years, this event was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  We had perfect weather, perfect roads, perfect wine and of course perfect friends.  Many thanks to Klaus and Rene for orchestrating this memorable event.  If you missed it, here's just a small taste of what it was like.  Next year don't miss this event.
We started out the run with a quick pit stop at Dave Briggs' place, mainly to take a look at his two masterpieces that he's currently working on.  Both have stunning foundations and are sure to soon evolve into jaw dropping beauties.  A 72 pre-l  and a 1965 Shelby clone.  Get busy Dave, we are anxious to see the finished products.

IMG_3342.JPG (146200 bytes)IMG_3343.JPG (147070 bytes)

After a brief visit at Dave's corral, it's off to T'mec!  As usual the back roads prove to be the only way to fly.  Traffic was light, visibility unlimited and fun was on tap.  My fun meter was pegged!

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When we finally arrived at the first winery "Leonesse", the tasting began.

Marshal, Klaus, Montse, Bill, Jennifer and Bobby sample the local brands.

IMG_3356.JPG (121872 bytes)IMG_3357.JPG (118864 bytes)

Gigi, Craig, Pat, Ralph, Phil, Ron, Carol and Duane relax on the patio at Lionesse.

IMG_3358.JPG (141717 bytes)IMG_3359.JPG (143792 bytes)

Dorreen, Dave, Carlee, Swan and Phil hanging out.

IMG_3360.JPG (150570 bytes)IMG_3361.JPG (157940 bytes)

Rene and Carlee arrived at the winery prior to everyone else, and they had a great snack table layed out on the patio with cheese, crackers, etc.  Thanks again Rene and Carlee.

IMG_3362.JPG (96869 bytes)IMG_3363.JPG (114827 bytes)

Marshall and Duane take five after the long grueling ride to wine country.

IMG_3364.JPG (146206 bytes)

These are just a few of the participating vehicles.  There was very limited parking at the Winery, so we had to scatter a bit.

IMG_3365.JPG (94578 bytes)

After less than an hour at Lionesse, we were off to our final destination for dinner.  That winery was only a few miles from the first one.  The beautiful restaurant at the winery arranged for us to have a large private dining room.  It was fantastic.

IMG_3366.JPG (134051 bytes)

The evening starts to get under way.  We had a great time visiting, drinking and eating for close to 3 hours! 

IMG_3367.JPG (116278 bytes)IMG_3368.JPG (118721 bytes)

Klaus demonstrates the Swedesh sobriety test which is easily duped - if you happen to be double jointed and you have an extra finger

IMG_3369.JPG (88330 bytes)

Most of us ended up with our hands tied in knots.

IMG_3370.JPG (126187 bytes)

How can you not toast the good fortune we all have to be able to spend this time together.

IMG_3371.JPG (140129 bytes)

Duane samples and savors just one more sip.  And then one more, and...

IMG_3372.JPG (104345 bytes)

youuuuuuuuuu know you make we want to shout throw my hands up...

IMG_3374.JPG (117990 bytes)

Don't forget to join us next year!