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 2006 Spring Tech Session

April 22nd, the Spring Tech Session.

Big thanks to Dave and Alan for performing Tech Inspections for the members planning on attending the Vegas track event.  You guys are the greatest!

Klaus, Jeff, Ralph, Ron, Mike and George prepare for a spirited drive down Highland Valley Road on our way to Dave's for the Tech Session.  Are those rain clouds on the horizon?  Fortunately, they were behind us and they had no chance of keeping up with this crowd!

Lot's of cars eager for attention

IMG_2911.JPG (941099 bytes)IMG_2912.JPG (957079 bytes)

Lot's of owners eager for food, conversation, wrench turning and good old Pantera camaraderie.

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Some other nice cars were in attendance even though they needed no attention from the hoardes of mechanics, Ralph's Mustang GT, Dave's awesome CAV GT and Dave's one-of-a-kind Sunbeam Tiger

IMG_2920.JPG (829390 bytes)IMG_2921.JPG (635465 bytes)IMG_2914.JPG (908224 bytes)

Plenty of work going on outside, where Glenn was bleeding brakes and tighening rear axle nuts

IMG_2927.JPG (884912 bytes)

George had loose axle nuts too

IMG_2926.JPG (1011026 bytes)

Klaus stranded on the hoist with his beloved yellow Pasta Rocket.  Lamenting his ailing steering rack, don't jump Klaus, never fear, Dave Brigg's mastery of the Pantera prevailed and he found and solved Klaus's steering rack slop.

IMG_2929.JPG (838032 bytes)IMG_2930.JPG (811217 bytes)

Glenn's and Mike's Panteras look great on the checkered floor of Dave's main garage.

IMG_2942.JPG (797518 bytes)IMG_2943.JPG (856854 bytes)

No wrenching needed here, check out Jeff Goodall's breathtaking new leather and suede  interior, it is absolutely incredible

IMG_2916.JPG (799067 bytes)

And check out this equally breathtaking (but in a different way) interior of Matt Lipski's work in progress.  Rest assured Matt's interior will undergo a tranformation equal to or superior to those seen on his body and engine, just wait...

IMG_2944.JPG (1000125 bytes)IMG_2945.JPG (1051311 bytes)IMG_2946.JPG (979276 bytes)

***Hey, check this out***

The new look for Member's cars.  It's a picture of the the car from the passenger-front side, with the owner in view.  I'm thinking of revising all the photos on the Member's Page of the web site, what do you think of this format (please send feedback)?

Marhall Smith's black beauty:

This one is amazing, Barry (original owner) Applebaum, and get this, with member John Neal, who is actually the very man that delivered Barry's car to him back in 1974!!!  John actually worked for Pascal Dilday Lincoln Mercury at the time.  Wow!

IMG_2935.JPG (1158271 bytes)

Brand new member Tom Keuler and his stunningly original 27,000 green machine, welcome to the club Tom, i'm sure you'll be glad you joined our club.  Just about everything on Tom's car was perfect, until we put it up on the hoist to check it out.  Unfortunately, his non-retracting antena met with the ceiling before anyone realized it.  A slight bend was handily straightened.  Please don't hold it against us Tom. 

IMG_2934.JPG (965503 bytes)