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 2006 Monterey

August 2006, The Annual Monterey Extravaganza.  The Concorso Italiano, Historic Races, Auctions, cars, cars, cars.  If you've never been, you owe to yourself to check this out.


As usual a bunch of a SDP members showed up for the event.  Here are a few memorable shots...

Tom Tjaarda signs the visor of Vaile & Heidi Shelton's Pantera

B0001073.jpg (206940 bytes)

And then Tom and Vaile pause for a timeless moment

B0001072.jpg (343282 bytes)

B0001062.jpg (388773 bytes)
Lambo Muiras as far as the eye can see.  Hats off to this, another timeless classic.

B0001063.jpg (244081 bytes)

The Lambo Ladies exhibit their variation of everyone's favorite view of a Lamborghini (the rear end).

auto-show-photos.jpg (122442 bytes)

I didn't know Ferrari parts even had a designated sex, or for that matter that it even could be changed!

Monterey 2006146.jpg (51210 bytes)

Matt Lipski looks on with his car on the famous podium along with it's designer Tom Tjaarda.  This will surely be a memorable moment for Matt.  Congratualtions on being selected for this honor, your car looks great! 

Monterey 2006121.jpg (59848 bytes)

This one or a kind little gem is a DeTomaso-Shelby!  Built in 1965 as the DeTomaso P70 Shelby King COBRA.  Designed with the help of Peter Brook, with the intent for the American Can Am series.  Unfortunately for DeTomaso, Shelby signed a deal with Ford to run their racing program during its design and abandoned this project.  After this falling out the car became known as a Ghia 5000, it appeared at auto shows but never raced.  It was found in 2005 at the DeTomaso factory in pieces and sold to an Italian collector. Bret took this picture at the Blackhawk auction ( asking $300k ) , so hopefully some wealthy race car enthusiast will restore and vintage race it soon !

Monterey 2006075.jpg (70710 bytes)


Monterey 2006054.jpg (63727 bytes)

Jackie Stewart's former ride. 

Monterey 2006039.jpg (59161 bytes)

Italian masterpeices were everywhere, as usual.

Monterey 2006033.jpg (66202 bytes)

Jay Leno hangin with his best bud Matt Lipski.  Who knows, you might even see Matt on tonight show - in the audience of course.

CIMG0164.JPG (70220 bytes)

Jay Leno savors the moment as he gets to spend some quality time with our very own Dave and Dorreen.  We need to make Jay an Honorary member of the club!

CIMG0163.JPG (74871 bytes)

Matt and Dave can't contain their excitement over being so close to this incredible GT 40.

CIMG0158.JPG (72776 bytes)

Bret Gann up on the podium sandwiched between a GT5S and the new Tom Tjaarda re-worked Shelby Series 2

Bret inquires about hitching a ride in this luxurious trailer

Tom describes the new Shelby

Bret takes center stage on the podium

What a line up!