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 Little Italy Italian Motorsports Show

August 5, 2006 - Little Italy's Italian Motorsports Show is staged on on 8 blocks in the Little Italy area of San Diego.  They segregated marques by blocking off a full block for each of Detomaso, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and one block mostly dedicated to Symbolic Motors.

This show was a like a mini Concorso Italiano.  For those of us not able to make it to Monterey this year, it provided an adequate overload of Itialian Beauties.

We had 15 Panteras and one Mangusta.  The weather couldn't have been better.

George takes the point and waves the flag for SDP.

IMG_3243.jpg (275189 bytes)

The street and the shade were perfect.  Unfortunately, we were on the farthest block of show.  I'm not sure if all the folks even knew we were here.  Nonetheless, we there were quite a few visitors. 

IMG_3256.jpg (276406 bytes)IMG_3255.jpg (232946 bytes)

IMG_3245.jpg (270429 bytes)IMG_3244.jpg (236198 bytes)

LI Cars 02.jpg (202458 bytes)Little Italy 2006 004.jpg (520230 bytes)

Little Italy 2006 005.jpg (493057 bytes)

Tom and Rose Kueler, George Bagdasarian and Mike Becker just chillin' in the shade

LI hanging out.jpg (155370 bytes)

The Ferrari Club was chock-a-block with prancing horses, including this stunning 365 GTB4 Daytona belonging to a friend of Klaus'.  It was signed by Phil Hill, with the caption "Thanks for the ride!"

IMG_3246.jpg (201663 bytes)IMG_3252.jpg (191446 bytes)

IMG_3247.jpg (197195 bytes)

What better way to celebrate another great day with fellow club members on this festival Italiano... A couple of draws from the tap and lunch at a local watering hole, believe if or not, an English Pub! 

Bill Hohnhorst and Klaus Schoener

IMG_3251.jpg (208642 bytes)

Gordon and Yvonne Albright and Bill and Montse Hohnhorst enjoy Italian, er English atmosphere.

IMG_3248.jpg (237066 bytes)IMG_3249.jpg (227203 bytes)

More antics at the pub...

Little Italy 006.jpg (179318 bytes)Little Italy 002.jpg (160804 bytes)

Mike and George... and LLyne, Norma and Montse

LI Mike and George.jpg (152518 bytes)LI Llynne Norma Montse.jpg (139195 bytes)

Eric ?, friend of one our members works for a local high end shop and is said to have been responsible for Vaile and Heidi SHelton's absolutlely beautiful Mangusta.

LI Eric.jpg (149789 bytes)


As usual, these events just seem to end too soon.  Cars started pulling out around 3:30.  See you next year.

LI Cars 01.jpg (156512 bytes)