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 2006 Julian Classic Motoring Show

The 2006 Julian Classic Motoring Show was held on May 28th, at the beautiful Menghini Winery.  The weather was perfect, the setting was peaceful, the music was relaxing, the vehicles were stunning.  There were around 80 to 100 cars of various makes, from the early 1900's, all the way up to recent Ferraris and Porsches.  We had 6 Panteras, including 1 belonging to Mark (didn't catch his last name), a non-member from Temecula.
The Panteras put on a good show.  There were people buzzing around them asking questions all day long.

Present were: Bret Gann, Glen and Nance Chancellor, Mike Becker, Klaus and Sara Schoener, Mark from Temecula and Tom and Rose Keuler.  Dave Briggs and Doreen Harvey showed up with Dave's Tiger and finally, Bill and Montse Hohnhorst as well as Marshall Smith and Robin showed up for the event but did not show their cars.

20060528-pan1.jpg (2432650 bytes)IMG_3036.JPG (1501152 bytes)IMG_3032.JPG (1440320 bytes)

This dog was trying to beat the UV rays from the sun!

IMG_3038.JPG (1245318 bytes)

A stunning Ferrari 400 Super America

IMG_3039.JPG (1520505 bytes)

A totally thrashed right-hand drive Ferrari 300.  It had rust all over, it was a mess.

IMG_3045.JPG (805852 bytes)IMG_3046.JPG (1355133 bytes)

A very nicely details Ferrari 512 BB

IMG_3033.JPG (1202923 bytes)

A Testarossa, that took a prize in the sports car group

IMG_3037.JPG (1482761 bytes)

A really cool vintage race with a straight 8

IMG_3047.JPG (1512700 bytes)

An amazing nice woody of some sort.  The detail and quality was superb and I was told by the owner the restoration had actually been completed back in 1974, yet it still looked this good.IMG_3041.JPG (1251799 bytes)
A Ferrari 365 Daytona

IMG_3043.JPG (1659758 bytes)

Rambler Nash convertable

IMG_3042.JPG (1279832 bytes)