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 Cruzing Grand

Cruzin' Grand is one of the biggest weekly cruise nights in Southern California.  Its held each week on Friday night.  This week, the 14th of July, the Pantera was a featured mark.  We were expecting a huge turnout, but unfortuntely, we only had about 14 cars.  We did have a ton of people and we had a great time.

Officially, the Pantera is NOT "authorized to participate" in this event becuase its supposed to be an event for American cars only.  As luck would have it, our very own Bret Gann has some connections with the organizers and he got the rules bent.  Thanks Bret.  

Aside from getting us into this venue, Bret also coordinated the borrowing and setup of popup-canopies, tables, chairs, his own motor home and probably a few other things.  Thanks to all those who made the the event flawless for all attendees.

The canopies provided great relief from the blazing sun.  Doreen's restaurant served up a wide variety of pizzas.  Plenty of drinks were on hand for the thirsty crowd

IMG_3170.jpg (222317 bytes)IMG_3168.jpg (232404 bytes)

IMG_3169.jpg (221019 bytes)

The Panteras drew the usual throngs of admirers and inquisitive folks.  These cars never cease to amaze!

IMG_3178.JPG (1026324 bytes)IMG_3177.JPG (1048092 bytes)

New member Steve B, got our club's award for best modified Pantera and he took a best of show award presented by the event organizers.  Cogratulations Steve.  Sorry for the crappy picture, there was something wrong with my camera (the dork holding it).

IMG_3182.JPG (677077 bytes)

New member Leon, got the club's award for best stock Pantera.  Sorry, no picture, my camera malfunctioned again.  Did anybody get a picture of that?
Also, I have to mention this, I managed to convince one of the firefighters to take my camera up to the top of the hook & ladder to get some aerial photos of the Panteras.  Regretably, i must of set the camera up incorrectly, becuase the photos were completely unusable.
If anyone else has some pictures to share, please send them to me at mikebecker@cox.net and i'll get them posted to this page.