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 2006 Coronado Speed Festival

The Coronado Speed Festival Historic Racing even was held on October 7th and 8th.  Several SDP members met for breakfast in Old Town and caravan'ed to the event Saturday Morning.  A smaller contingent of 3 members also showed up for the Sunday event.
Thanks to the generosity of our good buddy Mishka (Klaus' friend), yours truly was treated to a VIP pass for food, drink and preferred seating.  Plus it also included the privilege of rides in the pace cars.  

Mishka and I went for a ride in a Hemi powered 300 and let me tell this was no run of the mill and sedan and it was anything but a leasurely drive around the track.  The professional driver at the wheel held back nothing and absolutely brutalized this car and the car took it like a champ.  We got out of the car pleasently surprised and thoroughly energized with adrenaline.  

Later, I decided to try another ride in a SRT6 Crossfire (picture below is just before launch).  I was amazed as another professional driver similarly punished this Crossfire.  This was way more fun than the 300c and it felt a lot faster.  To top it off, my driver lost it in the hairpin turn (7  think) and we got going completely sideways before he managed to recover.  Yahoo, that was fun!!!!!

I just couldn't help thinking about the conversation that will likely occur at some local chrysler dealer next week: "Oh these cars only have a few hundred miles on them.  They were just used to shuttle people around during the Coronado car show"  Yeah right!

IMG_3341 (Large).JPG (60812 bytes)

Several Ford GTs could be seen in the pit areas.  Seems to be a popular daily driver car for the racers.

IMG_3339 (Large).JPG (95338 bytes)

The owner of this Ford GT was taking high ranking Naval officers for joy rides.  He, like the pace car drivers showed no mercy for his car.  He screamed down the straight and i'd bet he was getting up near 150.  He also wowed the crowd with several impressive burnouts, leaving a large cloud of smoke and a few permanent marks on the taxiways of North Island.

IMG_3340 (Large).JPG (74191 bytes)

I had to get a few pictures of this amazing machine.  Its a 1964 Chevrolet Cheetah.  I've always loved this car, but thought it only existed in models and slot-cars!  This is the first time i've ever seen a real one.  I love the way this thing looks.

IMG_3336 (Large).JPG (126633 bytes)

IMG_3335 (Large).JPG (115640 bytes)
This beautiful GT40 was hard to pass up 

IMG_3334 (Large).JPG (92340 bytes)

This McLaren was also exceptionally fine.  Didn't realize it until the next day, but the fellow that you see framed in the passenger side window in the second picture is Kevin Ryniker's friend Erik, who is also known for doing some work on Vaile and Heidi Shelton's Pantera. 

IMG_3312 (Large).JPG (95483 bytes)

IMG_3310 (Large).JPG (108168 bytes)
We had a great showing of Panteras on Saturday with Phil Camp, Marshall Smith, Mike Becker, George Bagdesarian, Glen Chancellor, Jeff Godall and Bruce Mallery.

On Sunday we had Mike Becker, Kevin Ryniker and Bruce Mallery.

IMG_3308 (Large).JPG (74244 bytes)

IMG_3300 (Large).JPG (89398 bytes)
IMG_3301 (Large).JPG (105613 bytes)
The gang met for breakfast at the Old Town Mexican Cafe before caravaning over to North Island

Pic011 (Large).JPG (121712 bytes)