2nd Annual Al Gore Fun-Run ~ Sunday, September 21, 2008

The only gas burning event that Al Gore would endorse is now scheduled for September 21st. What made the event SO special last year was that Jeff Goodall made not only the length of the run secret but also the destination secret! Although many of you may know where we are heading this year, our destination is again a secret (at least in print). Jeff HAS authorized me to tell you that we will enjoy the following: Fine wine, Jazz music, great food and an incredible drive! We will meet at Jeff and Carlee’s beautiful north Poway home at noon for a short round or two of refreshments before hitting the road. This event last year was one of our most fun trips AND we have that fun while also helping our environment by conserving a resource or two. Now that is the spirit that Al Gore would be thankful for. Flyers will be out later in September that will provide directions to Jeff & Carlee’s and all related particulars. You only duty is to mark on your calendar Sunday, September 21st at Noon is reserved for this year’s Al Gore Fun-Run.

Date: Saturday, Sept 21st, 2008

Starting Time: 12:00 pm

Map and additional instructions to follow soon.  Stay tuned.