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 2007 - Christmas Party


This year's Christmas party was held at the Officer's Club on Camp Pendelton.  We had a fantastic time at great venue.  It was a departure from the style we've enjoyed in past years, but i think all who attended would agree it was a fantastic party.  We had a large ballroom with a generous dance floor.  The Goodall's son Jeff jr. spun tunes for us, we had a fabulous dinner and instead of a gift exchange, we donated gifts to the Toys for Tots campaign.  The SDP Members showed their benevolent side and contributed enough toys to overflow 2 large, washing-machine-sized-boxes!  The Marines were very pleased with the load.

Here are a few snapshots from the party.  See these and more in the online SDP Photo album.


"DJ Goods" did a fantastic job of keeping the party lively with a steady stream of crowd pleasing favorites.  Stumping the DJ proved to be impossible with his vast collection of tunes.

Big thanks go out to Col. Rick Powell who was instrumental in getting our motley crew onto the gaurded grounds of Camp Pendelton.  And more big thanks to Bret for managing the follow-though.  Rick and his lovely companion Susan survey the giant pile of gifts that was accumulated.

There was plenty of room in the spacious ballroom to walk around, dance, socialize and spend time with all our great friends.

They say every woman is a sucker for a man in uniform...

But the uniform doesn't win it this time, as no man in any uniform can match the charm and charisma of Marshall and as expected Marshall comes out the winner in this showdown...


Dancin, Dancin, Dancinnnnnnnnnnn he's a dancin machine

What's a party without a little horsing around

What a great couple Ralph and Kevin make.  This would be a perfect Christmas card.  You guys look sharp!

The dance floor was a busy place all night and everybody got into the mix.

Matt kicks in his warp drive during a another wild dance session.

Beautiful centerpieces were prepared and delivered by Pat Suarez, made fom fresh pine cones plucked from their property in Big Bear.

Marshall gets a first look at his tab, presented to him by out bartender Holly.  Fortunately, he didn't injure himself when he passed out.  It didn't take us long revive him (just kidding).

Even Santa got up on the dance floor.

This will be tough to top next year, but somehow i think we'll manage!