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 2006 Las Vegas Fun Rally

The 25th annual Las Vegas Fun Rally, held at the Orleans Hotel / Casino.  About 300 Detomaso enthusiasts gathered for this years event.

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During some spirited driving on the track, Dave Briggs' CAV GT suffered a serious  failure of a key suspension component and ended up getting towed home.  Larry Stock helped out by towing Dave's car back to the hotel.

 IMG_2982.JPG (824340 bytes)

Here's the defective (inferior casting) upright:

IMG_2981.JPG (1026054 bytes)

Brett Gann was kind enough to offer his trailer up in order to get Dave's GT back home to San Diego.  Here Brett demonstrates the procedure for tightening a knock-off with his bare hands - what a he-man

IMG_3000.JPG (621256 bytes)

A team of experts stepped forward and transplanted the GT from Larry's flatbed into Brett's enclosed trailor.  Except for some minor damage to Brett's vinyl flooring, the transplant was smooth and successful. 

IMG_2997.JPG (855923 bytes)IMG_3001.JPG (718676 bytes)IMG_3002.JPG (948851 bytes)IMG_2999.JPG (868438 bytes)

Kevin, Glenn, Mike, Klaus and Jeff ready to go racing...

IMG_2975.JPG (851573 bytes)IMG_2973.JPG (789490 bytes)IMG_2972.JPG (951979 bytes)IMG_2971.JPG (725042 bytes)IMG_2970.JPG (855306 bytes)

A car display on the top floor of the garage was a big hit and even managed to lure some folks out of the casino to check out the cars.  Hmmm, i'm not sure if the Orleans management would be happy about that.

2992_2995_pan.jpg (1484589 bytes)

Phil Camp is all smiles as he won the second biggest prize, a sway bar set.  Here he displays what look like walking sticks.  Which turns out to be prophetic, in that Phil almost has to walk home due to a broken ZF Sunday morning just as we were preparing for departure.

IMG_3026.JPG (1154078 bytes)

Matt won a Hot Wheels Pantera, here Brett helps to open it

IMG_3022.JPG (708519 bytes)IMG_3023.JPG (844424 bytes)

Brett watches over his pile of tickets.  Buying in volume proved to be the trick as Brett won 3 times, including this cute wittle teddy bear!

IMG_3019.JPG (849353 bytes)IMG_3021.JPG (761615 bytes)IMG_3018.JPG (795064 bytes)

It took 3 tables to contain all the folks from San Diego

IMG_3017.JPG (1262349 bytes)IMG_3016.JPG (1072074 bytes)IMG_3015.JPG (932852 bytes)IMG_3005.JPG (1179878 bytes)

Bob Richards picked up the president's choice award for best engine.  Way to go Bob

IMG_3013.JPG (1244788 bytes)

Dave Briggs received the hard luck trophy for his mishap at the track

IMG_3012.JPG (1243304 bytes)

Who needs the Follies Bergere, all the most beautiful women in Vegas were right here at our tables.

IMG_3009.JPG (1148110 bytes)IMG_3008.JPG (1089214 bytes)IMG_3007.JPG (1151503 bytes)IMG_3006.JPG (1210885 bytes)

A small group of SDP members (17) went to dinner at the Italian restaurant Sazio.  The free drinks from the hospitatily suite were starting to have an affect on all participants.  Jeff and Klaus laugh it up, Klaus offers up a toast and Brett appears prepared to catch his incoming dinner.  Fortunately, we were housed in a closed private room so as to not disturb the other patrons.  How did they know that was going to be necessary.  A good time was had by all.

IMG_2991.JPG (1025329 bytes)IMG_2986.JPG (980587 bytes)IMG_2984.JPG (885417 bytes)

Effie, Gigi and Rene / Bill and Klaus celebrating in the hospitality suite

IMG_3027.JPG (940082 bytes)IMG_2949.JPG (665531 bytes)

The Hot Rod Grille was the destination for Friday night's dinner.  The parking lot filled with Panteras and there were about 90 people!

IMG_2951.JPG (877761 bytes)IMG_2953.JPG (896424 bytes)IMG_2950.JPG (873022 bytes)

The atmospher was great, they had a lot of cool memorabillia.

IMG_2956.JPG (1077273 bytes)IMG_2964.JPG (1122629 bytes)IMG_2963.JPG (1057287 bytes)

Unfortunately, about all we did was sit around at the tables and talk and wait and wait and wait.  In the end, our food never came and 2 1/2 hours later we left -- hungry.  Some people did get their food, but most didn't.  Oh well, we still had a good time.

IMG_2961.JPG (1007110 bytes)IMG_2960.JPG (997080 bytes)IMG_2958.JPG (1071726 bytes)IMG_2958.JPG (1071726 bytes)

IMG_2966.JPG (759705 bytes)IMG_2967.JPG (898736 bytes)